We are a small business that strives to help other small businesses obtain data at a reasonable price.

DataSourceOne.com Began as an Insurance Agency in Rochester, MN which is Home of the Mayo Clinic and IBM’s AS/400 and System I division. In 2005 a couple of our agents who were sick of ‘renting’ their lists or being charged a hefty price per one-thousand records decided to take a stand and start a data compiling division of our company. Since then we have become the industry leader for Directories with no export limits. We work with hundreds of sources to ensure that our data is the most accurate available. Feel free to check out the “About our Data” page for more info on how we obtain and compile our data.

We ask that you check our A+ BBB Profile. There are other data companies out there with flashy websites but they have no phone number or address listed.

What’s different about our company?
We are the real deal – often copied, but never duplicated.

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