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USA Consumers with Demographics


USA Consumers with Demographics
• 250 Million Consumers
• Updated quarterly – Latest update 2020 Q3
•Many available selects- Income, Home owner/Renter, Age,
Donor information, Special Interests, Ethnicity,
Mortgage Data, Credit Card Debt, Credit Score and more!
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Product Description

Over 250 Million USA Consumers records with demographics.

•Includes: First name, Middle Initial, Last Name, address, city, state, zip, phone, birthdate, income, presence of children, net worth, home ownership.

•Optional selects: Buying habits, donor information, investor information, mortgage data, credit score, credit card debt, cell phone number, email and much more!

We have 3 standard tiers of this database with different selects and pricing depending on your needs. We can also build a custom a list for you.

Call us for details: 877-565-3237


Standard versions of this data are built into our search software that allows you to run a query from any of the available criteria and export your results into a custom list.

Export formats include CSV, TAB, MS EXCEL, HTML, XML, and More!

We ship this product on a USB Flash Drive.